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Sweet and Savory Treats

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About The Cheesecake Fairy

Jennifer Melnick Carota


Our leader and chief cheesecake artist comes from a long line of seasoned bakers.  She caught the baking bug while helping her Granny Rose make her famous chicken pot pies in her home kitchen.  Now licensed and fully certified, Jennifer creates exclusive cheesecakes for upscale eateries, events and private affairs in the Pittsburgh, PA region.  Each cheesecake is a piece of art that you will be proud to serve.  Indulge in the magic of every bite! 

What's with the jar?


Convenient, portable, and the perfect portion.  You can have delicious cheesecake any time you wish without the guilt of cost or waste! 

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Greg and Rob from the Clarks LOVED this custom "Clark Bar" Cheesecake!

Proof our Cheesecakes Rock

Over Easter, I ordered a Raspberry Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake, mostly for my father, who is a cheesecake lover. Not only did my father rave about the Raspberry Cinnamon Roll cheesecake, but the rest of my family fought over it! The presentation was perfection. The raspberry and cinnamon flavors were delicious and complimented the creamy texture of the dessert. Bravo!!! I will definitely be back and this time for some chocolate and peanut butter goodness! -- Megan Faust, Washington, PA

If ya'll haven't tried a savory cheesecake yet just do it. I brought a blue cheese,cranberry,pecan on vacation. My kids loved it. My son inlaw who doesn't really like blue cheese even loved it. Feed your adventurous side! --Ron Ritchie, Belle Vernon, PA

I was thrilled to see Keto friendly cheesecakes on the menu! You would never guess they were keto friendly! I've purchased the keto lemon blackberry and the keto pumpkin  spice pecan cheesecakes and OH MY GOODNESS! They wete incredibly delicious, decadent,  obviously made with very fresh ingredients, and I really didnt want to share them! Jennifer really has a gift for baking, and you can tell that she puts her heart into her product. I can't wait to try more flavors!! -- Jamie Knox, Bentleyville, PA

These cheesecakes are the best! I love each one more than the last....signed Cheesecake Junkie aka Beth F.,  Belle Vernon, PA

The Keto Cheesecakes are amazing!  - Donna D.